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Cashmere Sweater



The all-time darling! Alba is a gentle embrace: made to be worn, treasured and passed down through generations. We opted for a crew neck and an easy-fitting boxy silhouette to keep things simple and timeless. The pullover is created with a sumptuous ultra-lightweight cashmere yarn by Cariaggi. They call it ‘piuma’, down – so true. Our love for Alba lends to new subtle colors each season. After your first Alba, you might want to have them all … A note on caring for this investment buy: eventual pills can be easily removed using a cashmere comb, brushing in one direction to gently remove them. Pills are common in supersoft precious yarns. 

  • loose fit
  • round neck
  • Wwithout cuffs
  • cosy left knitted


Composition: 100% CASHMERE


Considering care for the environment, social interest, human activity, and development with respect for future generations, not just as a business opportunity to stand out at world level, but above all as a duty of conscience. This is the innovative approach of Cariaggi, Made In Italy excellence, recognised throughout the world and international point of reference in fine yarn production.

Cariaggi’s approach to this theme is a sincere one: sustainability is in fact an essential asset when it comes to company placement. During 2006, Cariaggi achieved a series of international standard requirements concerning the company’s eco management, reaching the certification. This certification is in line with the spirit of safeguarding and care for the environment which is such an outstanding element of Cariaggi’s philosophy. The company maintains a commitment programs and measures to reduce its impact on the environment, a reduction of about 40% of energy consumption per unit of product produced, a reduction of approximately 10% of water and a reduction of approximately 23% for the carbon dioxide (CO2).

This garment is mindfully made of the finest natural materials. Following the care instructions on the fabric label and choosing a trusted high end dry cleaner for your luxury items ensures respectful maintenance and long-lasting enjoyment.



To retain its awesome quality for a long time, cashmere requires some mindful care.

Cashmere loves water.

Wash it regularly in a machine on a wool programme (30°C), using a special wool detergent and no softener. Do not run cycle with more than three garments at once.

After washing, dry the garment flat on a towel. Iron at low temperature.



Cashmere garments are made from natural fibres that are prone to pill. We aim to reduce pilling to an absolute minimum by the sole use of extra-long fibres. If pilling does occur, washing and ironing the garment will help ease the fibres. If necessary, using a cashmere comb will remove any remaining pillings. 

XXS 32 34 38 6 2 6
XS 34 36 40 8 4 8
S 36 38 42 10 6 10
M 38 40 44 12 8 12
L 40 42 46 14 10 14
XL 42 44 48 16 12 16



Fashion lives and breathes the expansionist model. At pre-pandemic pace, the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions were estimated to surge more than 50% by 2030 – the industry was expected to grow 81% in the same time period. Protecting the planet means scaling back. Few but fair, exceptional quality over pronto moda … mindful partners are immensely important to get there for a mission-driven company like us.

Cariaggi Lanificio, the prestigious spinning mill in the Italian Marche region, has been with us from day one. The kindness and honesty of this world-renowned Italian manufacturer goes into every single yarn they make.

At a very early stage, Cariaggi shifted towards certified sustainable eco management – a pioneer, considering that systemic change of the fashion industry hasn’t been on everybody’s mind, some 15 years ago. Ever since, the Systema Natvrae® is the core value of this cutting-edge business – an act of love and care for the environment to minimize the negative impacts on water, soil, air, animals and the human populations.

As of now, Cariaggi’s sophisticated and environmentally-friendly production methods achieved a reduction of about 40% of energy consumption per unit of product produced, a reduction of approximately 10% of water and a reduction of approximately 23% in carbon dioxide (CO2). Certified Silk

The certification provides maximum guarantees on the production process, certifying the absence of toxic or harmful substances as well as the respect of environmental and social standards, in order to protect the silk products with their tradition of quality and creativity.
This means:


  • the production process in compliance with the principles of quality, guaranteeing top
    performance standards of the finished garnment
  • the quality of the textile product, both for the technical and performance properties and for the eco-toxicological properties;
  • non-use of harmful substances in the production process, to protect the health and safety of the workers and the consumers
  • the eco-toxicological properties of the chemical / formulated / dyeing products
  • Ethical Code of Conduct covering the highest social responsibility and professional standards
  • Environmental Protection Code including the active control of environmental impact on water, air & soil
  • Made in Italy


…has always been a synonym for great craftsmanship and a long tradition in cashmere knitwear.

However, since then the EU has become involved in the process of labelling, the term has been somewhat watered down: This means that now just three manufacturing steps are enough to provide a cashmere piece with the “Made in …” label. For example – if an almost finished cardigan that was made elsewhere has its buttons sewn on in Italy and it is ironed and then packed, it can be sold with the “Made in Italy” label.

We don’t work like this. For us, it is important to work together with family-run craft businesses that have grown over decades and in which every employee feels responsible for perfect workmanship.

For example, we have been working with Raffaella in Emilia Romagna, who took over the knitting factory and know-how from her mother over 25 years ago. Our Triangolos are manufactured in her small studio. Many skilled work processes are necessary to produce our signature piece in cashmere and leather – real handicraft, far removed from omnipresent mass production!


…is a guarantee for quality and care, long respected across the globe. Yet today, many German companies are outsourcing their production abroad because of rising manufacturing costs.

This is to the detriment of quality and above all of our local craft businesses, some of which have to fight for their survival. And, due to this development, the tradition of craftsmanship in Germany lacks young talent. Yet it is precisely the small companies that embody the reputation of excellence associated worldwide with the sign of “Made in Germany”. There are only a few textile workshops left that master the processing of silk into garments: but we must be able to rely on artful perfection and accuracy regarding our silk collections.

This is why we work with conviction and enthusiasm with producers in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Brandenburg and we are proud of their quality of skills and reliability.